How To: Store Your Jewelry

I love looking at how other people store their jewelry and accessories. While looking at "professional" storage ideas online or in print is inspiring, I find it even more inspiring to see how regular folk store their things.

There are so many ideas out there--you really could store your jewelry and accessories almost anywhere, and it's really interesting to see how people get creative.



DIY Spotlight: Stenciled Filing Cabinets

When I came across this do it yourself project, I immediately craved a home office so that I could re-decorate a few filing cabinets and scatter them around the room for some pizzazz.

How adorable are these? Find out more about this project here.


Rustic Charm

I love the rustic charm in these rooms and corners.  None of them are from the same house but there's a common theme here--lots of earthy tones, wood, and distressed wood.