Taking the Leap

Hello lovelies!

If you're reading this you most likely came from my Tumblr, A Love for Design, where I reblog interior designs and inspiration that I find from all over the web.

I was very hesitant about starting up a blog as I felt reblogging pictures of designs I find inspiring was a great creative outlet for me all on its own. But I found myself wanting to add notes here and there for a specific photo or just showcase a certain trend I've been loving, or an Etsy designer, etc. So many feels that I just never wanted to clutter my Tumblr with but I feel would be a nice addition to it.

This blog will basically be adding to those finds with some explanations to the photos I reblog, tips I find useful, ideas I myself have tried in the past or am hoping to try out in the future, organization and storage ideas, designers I'm loving, and whatever else I find goes with the idea of design and all its awesomeness.

It's going to be  a lot of fun and I'm hoping you stick around and subscribe to my RSS feed or subscribe via e-mail using the handy feature on the sidebar so that you can keep up with future posts.

Posts will be coming very very soon as I am planning on having some sort of schedule set up and have a lot of ideas in mind already. So keep a look out for that in the next couple of days.

Talk to you soon!

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